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Our School Values


  • A feeling of deep admiration for someone elicited by their qualities or achievements.
  • A due regard for the feelings or rights of others. 

Our pupil definition of Respect:

Respect means being kind to others, caring about others feelings and always listening.


  • Able to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions.

Our pupil definition of Resilience:

Resilience means always trying your hardest even if things are hard.


  • The opportunity or ability to act independently and make decisions.

Our pupil definition of Responsibility:

Responsibility means being sensible, making good choices and looking after property.  


  • A group of people living together in one place.

Our pupil definition of Community:

Community means helping each other, joining together and learning together.


  •  Telling or expressing the truth; honest. 

Our pupil definition of Truthfulness:

Truthfulness means being honest about your actions.


  •  Intense enjoyment, interest or approval.

Our pupil definition of Enthusiasm is:

Enthusiasm is trying your hardest and joining in with lessons.  

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